Monday, February 8, 2010

who dat

One of the most often asked questions as guests arrive here is "Where is the TV?" There isn't one. We haven't seen TV since we arrived (our internet connection is too slow to even stream it), and Steve was getting a little nervous about the Superbowl.

But then we found out that the only TV shown here for the whole winter season is the Superbowl--they get a screen and host a party in employee pub (employees only, shh). The only snafu? We work on Sunday's. Luckily Steve has an AWESOME wife who gave him the day off, so he was set.

Sunday morning dawned sunny and clear--it's been beautiful having these brilliant blue skies, but it means it's still not snowing. Sigh.

We kicked off Sunday Funday with a ski around the geyser basin. It was cold enough that the steam from the geysers and thermal features was frozen in the air above

I saw my favorite coyote cruising the boardwalk near Grand Geyser, and small herd of bison were grazing in the sun in front of the gas station

We skied over to Biscuit Basin to look for the bobcat (no dice), and arrived just as Rusty Geyser was erupting

A lone bison was resting along the banks of the Firehole, obviously gearing himself up for the big game

After lunch, I headed over to work and Steve to the pub. In addition to showing the game, they had a whole spread laid out for everyone: wings, brats, hot dogs, dips, chips, cheesecake, etc. Steve saved me a chair and I skied over for my dinner, and while I missed the game (and the commercials!), I did get the good grub. Though I don't recommend eating wings and then jumping back on skis; the two do not go together.

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