Wednesday, September 8, 2010

glacier goats, part I

Sorry we've been M.I.A. for the past while. We've been on the move for the past two weeks, starting with our trip up to Glacier.

We left early on a Wednesday morning and drove north through Montana. We left the main highway after a couple of hours, and traveled on two-lane roads through cities we'd never heard of. One city we had heard of was Choteau--home of the Grizzly Bear Marathon, and where we stopped for tasty burgers at the Elk Country Grill. Much to Steve's dismay, our brief stopover in Choteau has revitalized my interest in running this marathon, and I was chanting "Grizzly. Bear. Marathon." as we pulled out of town.

After six-and-a-half hours over windy roads we finally reached the park. Luck was on our side, and we were able to snag one of the last campsites at the Rising Sun Campground, on the East side of the park.

I was itching to get outside, so I dragged Steve up to Logan Pass and onto the Hidden Lake trail.

Last time we were here I saw a ton of mountain goats on the trail, and I was hoping to see them again. First off was a huge, huge marmot:

And then bighorn sheep:

And then GOATS: