Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the birds are back in town

After disappearing for a couple days, both bald eagles returned today. Don't know if it was because the golden eagle was hanging out at their usual spot, but they were both in trees closer to the river today.

While they were hanging out, some other bird was squawking incessantly. It sounded like an osprey but I never got a glimpse of it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

big bird

I mentioned seeing a big bird bothering the bald eagles but not knowing what it was. It is, I believe, a golden eagle (immature bald eagles and golden eagles look a lot a like). He or she has taken up residence right where the balds had been hanging out.

In fact, the other day one of the balds was sitting on the snag when the golden swooped down and basically pushed the bald right off the perch and alit in the exact spot where the eagles had been roosting.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

our new neighbors

These two eagles have been hanging out across the river from our place for the last three weeks or so. Yesterday, (while on a conference call) I saw one of them grab a fish - first time I've ever seen that - and then fly into the trees. Another big bird, I think it might have been a golden eagle or a very big immature bald or maybe a very dark osprey, followed it into the trees hoping to steal the meal, but I didn't see what happened.

The local ospreys haven't taken to the eagles and routinely harass and shriek at them, but so far the eagles haven't been bothered.