Monday, August 29, 2011

cache creek

After I had to cancel on a planned four-day backpack in the Bechler, Steve and I decided to get on out a quick overnight. We hit the trail Saturday night, headed out 4 miles to the first site on the Lamar River Trail.

The sky looked a little ominous, so we walked fast.

Almost there.

Cache Creek, our home for the night.

Steve got our food hung up on up on the bear pole,

and was able to get in a little bit of fishing before nightfall.

The next morning, Steve woke up early and hit the creek. I slept in and then enjoyed coffee in our "kitchen" area, complete with antlers.

We bushwhacked up Cache Creek a mile and Steve got serious about fishing.

Jackpot--a 20-inch cutthroat.

I found a rock and hung out with a book while he fished.

As we headed back to our campsite to pack up, we found a bison on the trail. A very large, cranky bison. We scrambled across the creek and walked in the water until it was safe to cross back over and continue on our way.

All packed up, and headed home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

sepulcher mountain

Last weekend, we hiked to the top of Sepulcher Mountain. Sepulcher looms above Mammoth, and although we've lived in Mammoth for over a year now we'd yet to climb it.

We hiked with friends and decided to do the hike as a shuttle loop, starting at Glen Creek TH and ending at Liberty Cap/Beaver Ponds TH. As we began the hike, we noticed four mule deer bucks on a ridge in front of us. We watched them, they watched us, and then they decided to make a run for the trail before we approached any closer.

There were tons of beautiful wildflowers on display as we made our ascent,

and we also had a great view of Electric Peak as we climbed.

View from the top, with Gardiner in the background.

Awesome views of Electric from the summit.

The bugs were TERRIBLE--that is a bug-off bandana, not a fashion choice.

More wildflowers as we made our descent,

and a hungry marmot.

About 1 mile from the TH Steve paused at a junction to ask which way he was supposed to go. Somehow I was the only one who noticed the backside of a black bear, not far from where Steve was standing. Luckily the bear was more interested in scratching himself against a tree than he was in us.

Total trip: 11 miles.