Monday, February 15, 2010

chocolate breakfast

We don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day, but to quote Steve, "we had nothing else to do." Touche. And celebrating Valentine's Day meant that we got to go to the Snow Lodge dining room for breakfast, so I was in. Is there any better way to start the day than with chocolate chip pancakes? (If you're Steve, the answer is yes, and it's with eggs over easy).

In the afternoon we skied Fern under blue skies (no snow) and the sun (too warm).

Without any new snow, the trail was pretty crunchy (and fast!), and there were lots of holes in the middle of it where someone had walked right on the ski track. At least the coyotes stay off the trail!

Speaking of trails, we ran into this guy on our way to lunch today. Maybe he heard it was pizza day too?

Then on my way to work he was back--with a few friends.

Tomorrow we're off to Mammoth for our weekend. We hear that the wolves have been very active (it's mating season) on the northern range, so we're hoping for some good wildlife sightings in the Lamar Valley over the next couple of days.

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