Friday, February 26, 2010

(no) bobcat love

A bobcat has been spotted over the past several days at Biscuit Basin. We haven't had much luck at Biscuit, having skied there many times trying to spot wolves and/or the bobcat, but we decided to try our luck again.

On Wednesday evening we skied out there around dusk, and waited. And waited. No bobcat for us, just a herd of bison who were anxious for us to be on our way...

The bobcat was probably sitting, hidden, in a tree, waiting for us to leave so he could prance around.

That evening we were invited to a luau at one of the ranger's houses. The menu: Kalua pork, coconut shrimp, sweet potatoes, and CUPCAKES. Heaven on a plate!

To take his mind off the absent bobcat, Steve decided to participate in a few employee Olympic events. The Snow Lodge Winter Olympics span one week and involve such events as the buffalo chip toss, snowshoe long jump, and the dart biathlon.

Steve participated in the luge:

While he (sadly) didn't medal in the luge, he did win a bronze medal in the three-legged ski race (that's him in the bright yellow hat).

Now if only the food at these Olympics could rival what they serve in Vancouver...sigh.

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